Short-term apartments,Short rent apartments,Business Apartments in Shanghai of China

After you confirm the apartment you would like, please consult us through the internet or by calling us.

Please tell us the exact date of your reservation, the check-in and check-out times, and how we can contact you.

We will send you the reservation form. Please complete the form and sign your name. After that please return the form which has been confirmed correct. If there is something wrong when retuning, please contact our staff.

After the reservation (done by either phone or the internet), please pay an initial deposit to reserve the apartment. Then provide us the remittance details. We will get in touch with you after we receive the deposit. The reservation is successfully completed when we get in touch with you.

Check-in procedures: 1. Arrive at the designated place on the designated time. 2. Complete the deposit and sign a rental agreement. 3. We will check your valid documents, such as your identification card and passport. 4. As a renter, you should check all the facilities in the apartment before you take the key. (The reservation deposit you paid will translate into the facilities deposit)

Check-out procedures: 1. The check-out time is 10:00AM. If you wish to postpone the time to 14:00, it will cost an additional 100 yuan. Postponing the time to 16:00 will cost an additional 200 yuan. If the time is postponed to 18:00, we have the right to charge you full cost of the rental . * If you were under special circumstances, you can negotiate with us. 2. We will check the facilities and the state of the apartment. The deposit will be returned after we deduct the interrelated cost.