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VIPオプション To maintain a habitual environment and enjoy a top quality life in Shanghai, Shanghai Abest provides VIP services according to the needs of customers. In addition to taking care of daily life, VIP services will help you become more relaxed and comfortable in Shanghai.
service ordinary room vip room VIP Services, Wine Combo (at least a 7-day stay)
Room Cleaning once a week Daily necessities will be replenished daily. Bedclothes will be changed every three days and towels will be changed every day. Same as VIP
Top-grade Cookers affiliated tableware   Same as VIP
Drinks none Drinks will be replenished every day: Two bottles of 500ml Nongfu Spring. One bottle of 500ml Oolong Tea. 1 bottle of coffee. 1 bottle of Suntory Beer. Every day: One bottle of water, one bottle of oolong tae, one box of instant coffee, one bottle of red wine, one bag of edible ice.
Price ordinary room vip room
1 Day - 150 RMB/Day